Jen, Big Sister P., and Little Mr. B.

I went a little overboard with this blog post, including over 80 photos from the session, but I couldn’t help myself. The shots of Mr. B. with his gorgeous big sister just melt my heart, and Jen looks absolutely beautiful and so in love with her little guy. Hopefully the post doesn’t take too long to load (but I assure you it is worth the wait)!

B. was born post dates, and was bigger than many of the newborns I photograph. He was so alert, and only wanted to sleep while being held. I still did the traditional baby on a blanket shots, but most of the session, he was in someone’s arms – the ONLY place he wanted to sleep. It was actually very endearing and reminded me a lot of the way Lilah was as a newborn. She slept like a pro…as long as she was being held. She spent her nights on my chest, and her days being carried by daddy in the sling.

I love this session so much. It was so peaceful! My theory on newborn sessions is to just go with wherever the baby takes me. I try not to over-plan a session. I would rather take photos of a baby in arms that wants to be held, than a baby in a box anyway (although when a baby is sleepy and curly, and doesn’t mind being put down, those shots are a lot of fun!). Newborns are so used to being close to mama, spending nearly a year growing inside her womb. They want nothing more than to be held, and cuddled and to feel the warmth, safety, and heartbeat of another person.

These are the moments that you remember as a parent, and the moments that you long to have back as they grow. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of a tiny weight against your chest.

My heart.

Jen and Mike, congratulations. Your family is so very beautiful. Enjoy your sneak peek, and give that little guy as many cuddles as possible. Before you know it, he will be squirming out of your arms when you want nothing more than to hold him close (believe me, I have two squirmy little ones that are constantly on the go!)

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